About Us


KAYDE AG, with our brand DON-KAYDE, is the result of our shared passion for high-quality underwear. When we came up with the idea of ​​starting our own underwear brand, we knew that comfort and style should be the focus.

We started with extensive market research to understand the needs and preferences of our target audience. It quickly became clear that people were looking for underwear that was not only comfortable, but also stylish and suitable for everyday use.

With this knowledge, we set out to develop a line of underwear that is soft, breathable and fashionable – the perfect mix for every day.

Our fabric, Modal, is an outstanding product and sets a new standard for comfort and environmental awareness. Not only is it the most comfortable material ever for underwear, but it is also an environmentally sustainable choice. Modal is made from natural pulp fibers, usually beech wood. This process not only makes it soft and supple, but also environmentally friendly. Fiber production occurs in a closed loop, meaning water and resources are used efficiently and waste is minimized.

The special softness of Modal ensures that our underwear offers an unparalleled wearing experience. The fabric adapts to the body without pinching and remains comfortable on the skin all day long. At the same time, our customers can be sure that they not only enjoy maximum comfort, but also make an environmentally friendly choice.

Our journey from idea to reality was challenging, but we were determined to bring the best product to market. Following the success of our boxer shorts, we are now proudly expanding our range to include DON-KAYDE socks made from luxurious bamboo fabric. These promise exceptional comfort and breathability because we firmly believe that high-quality underwear really helps make your day more enjoyable. Our goal is to not only provide comfortable and stylish underwear, but also to create a positive experience for our customers. The journey from idea to implementation showed us that shared passion and determination form the foundation of our successful project. We look forward to sharing our products with the world and making every day a little more comfortable and stylish.